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July 2003


Well, so Lynn was the first person I know personally to look at the redesigned site since I redesigned it as far as I can tell. And she emailed me, but without any comments on the site. And looking at the logs I suspect Randy may have looked at it yesterday, but no comments.

Erikas looked at the redesigned site this morning and sent me email commenting on where my random trip selector was sending him, and saying “Oh yeah, nice blog” thus becoming the first person to actually comment on the blog. Thanks Erikas! I’ll answer your email tonight or tomorrow probably. :-)

Still waiting for the first comment from anybody who has made my top ten email list within the last year. I’m trying to avoid mentioning my website to people just to see how long it takes. But I did slip and mentioned the site to Brandy yesterday in answer to a question. So if she sees this and comments, I’ll still be looking to see who is the first person to say something without haveing been prompted in email by me to check the site for something.

This is a fun game! Still deciding if there should be a prize. :-)

OK. Now I really have to rush and get ready to go. Had I mentioned, YAWN?

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  • NM2

    Sam, I did indeed notice the new blog look yesterday. And now I’m leaving a comment. Look at me! I’m so cool!

    Do you want to know what’s on my desk right now? I’ll tell you. A 19″ monitor. This keyboard, which is an old clicker I salvaged out of some lab. It’s nice and loud, I like it. A pair of speakers. Don’t use them much, this office is like a frickin library. My old tactile membrane crap keyboard. A recipe for shoo-fly pie on 3×5 cards. An iomega peerless disk with some old files on it. I don’t even really remember what’s on it. It’s been sitting there for like a year. A little bbq grill clock whose battery died at 4:10:47. Unlined post it notes. Lined post it notes. A mickey mouse post it holder that was a gift from my former boss. A pen. A sample holder envelope. A small ceramic pig. Two bottles of Carl Zeiss “Harz Kleber 56.” They’re no good any more, I just don’t know the proper way to dispose of this crap so I’ll just let it sit on my desk. A white unlined notepad. Computer mouse. Film*Star manual. A couple of pull test reports. A clipboard and notebook with a lot of papers and stuff in it. A Honeywell fan, which now that I think about it, I’m going to turn on. Two sets of pull test samples that were bonded incorrectly. One pulled anyway, the other still bonded. A confidential report from Carl Zeiss. They’re all “confidential” but nobody would care. A cardboard box with something in it. I forget what. Probably toys. A couple 1″ round calcium fluoride witness samples with their transmission test results. Two stacks of photographs from a microscope. A bunch of pull testers with broken CaF2 attached. A broken 3″ silicon wafer I use as a mirror. A 22mm test cube. Some weird round dichroic thing. A couple random pull test pieces. An epoxy witness sample. A test pattern reticle and some associated pieces. Safety glasses. A desk calendar. A box of Splenda packets. A stapler. A tape dispenser. A plastic cow. An origami “executive toy” and cube. A telephone. A list of phone numbers.

    I won’t go into the shelves.

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