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June 2004
27282930 Going Dark

We are neck deep in the middle of moving stuff into the truck. All the big heavy stuff is already in the truck, but we are still loading the little stuff. Soon… meaning anywhere from an hour from now to 48 hours from now, I’ll be unplugging the server that runs on and loading it into the truck.

At that point will go offline. You’ll still be able to send me email and such since I piggyback off Chris for that stuff rather than having that on my own servers too. But the webnsite will be down and off line. I’ll probably end up being able to get things pointed at a redirect page saying I’m down, but the site itself will be off.

This may last for several weeks until DSL is up and running at the place in Melbourne. (We tried to get cable installed a few weeks back, but they had trouble with a dog next door or something, so we decided to forget about cable and go DSL. We’ll see how it goes.)

Oh, and my laptop is fixed, but I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet. Not sure if I will be able to before driving to Florida or not. (If not, they will ship it to me.) So email is still not reliable to get to me, although I am still trying to look once in a blue moon.

In any case, I’ll post again as soon as the site is back. In the mean time, call if you want to chat or get news since effectively I’ll be offline for both web and email for a while longer.

Talk to you all when we’re all settled in Florida.

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