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July 2006

DVD: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

imageAmy wanted to watch the new Pirates movie last weekend, but I had never watched the first one. Well, I’d started it many times. But one thing or another had always stopped me from watching it each and every time the DVD had been put on. Of course I couldn’t watch the new movie without watching the first one first, so this last Saturday, I finally watched the whole thing from start to finish.

It was an OK movie, although I’m not sure it deserves all the attention it got. But I did enjoy it. It was a fine little movie, with some funny moments. Not a big fan of Jack though. Just not my kind of humor I guess. But it didn’t detract all that much. I liked the ghost pirate things. I liked the monkey. The girl was OK too. The ships were the most fun part.

In any case… decent enough movie on DVD so I was not dreading the prospect of seeing the new movie in the theaters.

For Lack of a Control Arm

Part of Brandy’s Car fell off yesterday. It made a fun grinding noise as it did so. Then the car started pulling strongly to the left.

We got it checked out this morning and it turns out it is one of those parts without which your wheels can fall off… potentially causing other minor side effects like hitting things at high rates of speed, dismemberment and death… or something like that… So we decided to stay in Clarksville an extra day while we got that taken care of.

We’re in a mall within walking distance of our motel right now. We’ve got about 24 hours to kill before the car is ready.


We thought about going a bit further tonight, but then decided not to. We’re in Clarksville, TN. Some food is in order, then sleep. We’ve got some things we want to do in Clarksville before leaving, so no sleeping in too late.