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September 2006


On Sunday we went to the Humane Society so Brandy could sign up to volunteer. Of course, the completely predictable thing happened, and Brandy fell in love with a dog. A dog who had been there for awhile and she had seen multiple times over the last few weeks on their website.

After some discussion of just which things needed to be in place before we could get a new dog we set a list of things that needed to be done before we got a dog. Four days later having partially accomplished two of the things on the list and deciding to ignore the rest, we went back and got Roscoe during my lunch hour.

Roscoe is 3. He was at the Humane Society one month after having been transfered from another facility. Roscoe is the name they gave him there, we do not know his original name. He is very friendly. He is a mix, but seems to have a lot of Bluetick Coonhound in him, but a bunch of other stuff too.

He will of course be kept away from the avian and reptilian members of the family.

Anyway, Brandy is as I write probably at the petstore with Roscoe getting some necessary initial supplies and then will be taking him home for the first time.

I think Brandy really needed him. And Amy and I liked him too. So this should be a good thing.

And I’ll go back to taking my allergy meds religiously. :-)

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