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January 2007


The first tiny scratch in the finish of my iMac that I bought just under a year ago showed up today. Well, I noticed it today. Thought it was just dust. But it won’t come off. It makes me sad. Now, you have to look closely and pay attention when there is a pure white screen at that spot to really notice. It may have been there for months without me noticing. But now that I *have* noticed, you know I’m going to always notice. I’m just that way.

Oh well. It really isn’t a huge deal, things age as time goes on, and when I’m ready to replace Cronus in early 2009, this will be the least of this machine’s problems.

But I still hate it when the “new thing” isn’t quite new any more.

2 comments to Scratch

  • gregh

    If it’s any consolation, the first significant scratches (which I’ll define as something I can’t buff out) on my current main ride became noticeable to me today shortly after the tow truck made the right turn from the left lane right in front of me today and I picked myself and the scooter up off the ground.

    Feel free to send me your blemished iMac. I’ll give it a good home.

  • Abulsme

    Or maybe I’ll just try to do the Jedi mind trick on myself and pretend it isn’t there.

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