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I Hate CSS and IE

So, right around when I should have been going to sleep, I noticed a couple formatting things I didn’t like on the site (relating to how the images flowed when they were taller than a blog entry), and I noticed one downright formatting bug (relating to the site footer on pages where the left and right columns were longer than the middle column).

So I spent all night messing around with the css for this site, and on some of the layout in the php as well. I finally got it so both of the issues I had been initially annoyed by were fixed in both Firefox and Safari. I was already thinking of some additional tweaks to adjust other things I’d thought about.

But then I went and looked in IE. It is completely broken in IE. The left column doesn’t show up at all, and things are overlapping in the right column. And as much as I’d really like to completely ignore IE, it looks like about 33% of my site vistitors are on IE 6, and another 24% or so are on IE 7. I actually don’t have IE 7, so can’t check on that. Maybe MS fixed whatever is broken in IE 7.

But regardless, I know it is broken for IE 6. And that is just so annoying.

And the sun is up now. And I’ve got some things I have to do today. So I can’t just sleep all day.

Plus, I really don’t want to go to bed without “solving” this. But I’m not sure what to try next.

My other alternative would be to restore things to how they were before I started messing with them today, but I really can’t say I’m happy about that alternative either.

And at this point I’m finally tired and need to crash for as long as I can. So I need to stop.

Maybe I’ll just leave it in the works in Safari and Firefox but not in IE state while I sleep, then look at this again once I’ve had a night’s rest.

If anybody out there has a lot of good CSS knowledge, take a look at my current CSS and HTML and give me any hints you may have.


Nap time. I’ll worry about this once I’m rested. Worst case, I put it all back how it was yesterday. But that would be quite annoying.

Anyway, I’m done for now.

Did I say “Bleh” yet?

IE Sucks.

DVD: The Sound of Music

Today it was time to watch another DVD. And not just another DVD, but the next one on my quest to watch all of the movies on the 100 Years 100 Movies (1998 version) list. I started this quest soon after the list came out. I’m just a little, uh, slow. I had watched the movies from #100 down to #56 (M*A*S*H which I watched in January this year). So now it was time for #55, The Sound of Music.

I’d of course seen this before, but the last time was quite some time ago. And I am admittedly a sucker for the sappy sentimental type of movie. Usually not for musicals in general, but for ones with songs I’ve known all my life and can sing along to, yeah, I like those. Well, OK, not actually sing along, because I’d never sing in front of others, even Brandy and Amy, but sing in my head maybe. :-)

Anyway, it is a long movie and there are a few slow parts, but in between there are all the classic songs and the cute kids and all that. There were a few parts I had forgotten. I had no memory at all that there was a wedding in the movie. Or the scene in the cemetery.

In any case, yes I like this movie. It is worth seeing… but about once or twice a decade is plenty.