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November 2008

I Am Homework!

Welcome to Mr. Sarudi’s Social Studies Class!

Social Studies Assignments

10/28/08 – Due on Friday, October 31.

Electoral College Map (25 points) – Fill out an Electoral Colleg map of the United States based on the predictive figures given on the following web site:

Extra Credit (25 points): Do some article research on one of the “toss-up” or “swing” states mentioned in the lean to areas and explain why that state is labeled as such. Make sure that you provide a bibliography for your source(s). Due on Thursday, November 6

Extra Extra Credit (25 points): Using your Prediction Map and watching the National Presidential Elections, summarize how the “toss-up” or “swing” states did. Your summary should reflect each of the states electoral count and what difference in made in the election. Due on Thursday, November 6

5 comments to I Am Homework!

  • chris

    is this amy’s class? or some random other class in the US?

  • matt

    that’s exactly the same question i came here to ask as well.

  • Abulsme

    This is not anything to do with Amy. I had never heard of Mr. Sarudi or his class before I started seeing people coming from the assignment page in my referrer logs. So this is indeed some random class in the US. From a few minutes of Googling, my best guess is that they are somewhere in the Chicago area, although I could very well be wrong.

  • chris

    completely awesome!! you should make a special message to them :)

  • Abulsme

    That’s what this post was! Of course, I posted it after their assignment was already due.

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