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April 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-04-22 (UTC)

  • MT @BuzzFeedAndrew: As they tape Celebrity Jeopardy, reflect on how awful Wolf Blitzer did. He finished with -4600. #
  • MT @AnonyOps: it's time redefine reasonable searches to mean only those that get a warrant first. Any other kind of search is unreasonable. #
  • Reading – Ron Paul Pandemic causes Romney split (Doug Wead) #
  • Reading – Libertarian Party's National Convention May 3-6 in Las Vegas (Libertarian Party) #
  • Reading – Jeb Bush Puts to Rest Talk of Being Romney Running Mate (Mark Silva) #
  • Just completed a 1.93 km walk – Walking dog. . #RunKeeper #
  • RT @FHQ: Romney takes half of the 24 district delegates in MO. Santorum has 7, Paul 4 & Gingrich 1. #
  • MT @FHQ: Note that there is some chatter indicating one Paul delegate in MO-01 may have jumped to Romney; increasing the latter's MO total. #
  • Reading – Pentagon releases results of 13,000-mph test flight over Pacific (W. J. Hennigan) #
  • MT @FHQ: RNC national committee MN > RT @patandersonmn: Ron Paul gets 20/24 Congressional District delegates CD4 3, CD2 3, CD8 2, CD1 2 #
  • RT @AnonyOps: Our moral code is flawed when we agree that some things are bad, yet allow governments to continue to do them. #
  • Reading – Liquidmetal and Metallic Glass (Chris Burns) #
  • Reading – Another Weekend, Another Mixed Bag for Romney in Caucus State Delegate Allocation (Josh Putnam) #
  • MT @TheGreenPapers: Constitution Party Pres Nomination. MN-R MO-R District Conventions. #
  • MT @greenfield64: NO! would screw up post-election vacation plans @ZekeJMiller nothing we'd love to see more than an Electoral College tie #
  • MT @FHQ: Well on the bright side, there are less than 200 days before Nov to hear about this EC tie stuff. #possiblenotprobable #
  • Reading – Short-Sighted Industries (John Cole) #

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