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DVD: Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Discovery Channel Version): Disk 3

So it was time once again for a DVD we own but hadn't watched yet. This time it was Disk 3 of this series. There were two episodes on this disk. One thing I was struck by was that there were a number of stylistic elements that were different than the first two disks in the series. But no matter. The two were "Tidal Seas" and "Coasts". Now, of course the area where a lot of the tidal action was going on WAS the coasts, but they differentiated with the tidal one concentrating on wildlife whose life was exceptionally strongly influenced by tidal cycles while the second one was more about just things going on at the coasts that were not tide related.

Of these two, I liked the tidal one better. More odd creatures I was less familiar with that were just neat. Meanwhile, the second one had a lot of large predators killing and eating cute penguins and seals and stuff. You're busy thinking "Aw, what a cute penguin!" and then all of a sudden a sea lion or walrus or something is tossing it up in the air and ripping it in half or whatnot. Oops.

Anyway, this continues to be a good series. I think of the first three disks though, Disk Two is my favorite at the moment.

Abulsme - Sat, 25 Jul 2009, 18:11:40 PDT


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