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Cinema: Ghost Rider

I was pretty much dragged to see Ghost Rider. From every preview I'd seen, I knew I didn't want to see it. But Amy had a good week, and Brandy wanted to reward her with a movie. We'd actually agreed on Bridge to Tarabitia as the movie least objectionable to all of us, even though Amy really wanted to see Ghost Rider. But of course when it came time to leave, even though we'd determined we needed to leave RIGHT THEN to get to the movie on time, Amy decided that it was a good time to clean out and reorganize her purse. (We didn't know that was the hold up until afterwards.) By the time she got outside, the chances of us making it on time were slim, but we tried. But by the time the movie was starting, we were still several minutes from the theater. We tried to redirect to another theater where Brandy had remembered it was also playing at a later time. But when we got there, that movie was not playing at all. So we tried a third theater, but we had already missed the last showing there. But guess what still had a showing? Yup! Ghost Rider. Which is what Amy had wanted to see all along. I relented and agreed to see Ghost Rider.

I had not read anything about the movie and had only seen a preview, so I was expecting a really bad horror/action flick. Well, it WAS a really bad horror/action flick, but it was so bad that it was really funny. (Brandy claims they did that on purpose, and it was supposed to be so bad that it was funny.) In any case, I ended up really enjoying it. It was funny. I laughed a lot. It was just stupid. But stupid in a funny way. In a cartoon sort of way. And it was adapted from a comic, so I guess that is OK, but most recent comic adaptations have tried to be more dramatic than comedic. This one was comedic. Like I said, it was a very stupid movie. But an enjoyable stupid movie.

Abulsme - Sun, 25 Feb 2007, 13:59:04 PST


How can any movie about a guy with a flaming skull head and a bike that comes when whistled for like a trusty steed be anything BUT funny?
It would take a truly special kind of stupid to try to make it a serious film.

Posted by: Brandy on Mon, 26 Feb 2007, 17:40:01 PST

I'm still not entirely sure that the stupid was on purpose.

Posted by: Abulsme on Tue, 27 Feb 2007, 20:42:44 PST

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