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My Next Phone

Drat the current budgetary constraints! I so want this! It will be available next month here in the US, it started being available last week in Europe. Of course I'd like to buy it right away. But even without the budget issues, I'm thinking I should wait until November when number portability happens, so I can keep the number I already have.

On the other hand, since my cell is a 609 number and I live in 215, every single time I call for pizza, the delivery people get all confused and I have to explain. So maybe I just want to forget about that and get a 215 number.

Anyway, this phone is cool.

New Treo 600 Rules (Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal)

I've been carrying a Sprint Treo 600 around for a couple of weeks and I love it. It's a great phone, an excellent mobile e-mail terminal and a full-fledged Palm-compatible PDA. I prefer it to any RIM BlackBerry model I have tested, and it blows away any of the PDA/phones based on Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system.
(via TreoCentral)

Abulsme - Sat, 20 Sep 2003, 14:45:43 PDT


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