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Abulsme.com Localfeeds

Just checking recent logs and saw a few incoming from the Philly LocalFeeds and started playing around on there. Found out I could center it on me. The GeoURL site shows websites near me, but this is much more fun, because it shows recent blog entries from other blogs within 20 miles of me (I could change the distance, but that is just fine).

LocalFeeds centered on Abulsme.com

It shows the last 50 posts people have made from that 20 mile radius around me.

As of right now the breakdown of posts in that last 50 are:

13 posts from Judith Meskill's Knowledge Notes
12 posts from Mike Zornek
9 posts from Abulsme.com
7 posts from Coplan's Nonsense
5 posts from Lascivious.org
4 posts from AnthonyTrumbo.com

So I'm not doing too bad. 3rd most prolific blogger of 6 active bloggers in my area. Cool. (Well, of people that have their location properly geocoded.) I think I'll probably start following these local feeds in addition to the other places I check regularly. Some of this looks potentially interesting.

Judith Meskill's specialty appears to be knowledge management, which is closely related to some of the content management stuff I've been doing the past few years. Looks good. And sounds like Mike Zornek is doing some Mac stuff, also good. And the others look like they have some occationally interesting stuff too. I'll be checking in regularly to them, and any others that show up within 20 miles of me. :-)

Abulsme - Mon, 27 Oct 2003, 14:48:22 PST


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