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2 Days with Panther

OK. Been running panther for a couple days now. Love it! Use Expose all the time. Once I had the external drive to get around the failure of the internal CD drive, all went smoothly. I like the new look too. I made myself some extra users just to try fast user switching, even though I'm the only user. On my older machine it doesn't do the nice animation. I'll probably turn it off since it uses a lot of space on the menu bar. I wish I could set it to just show my picture instead of the full name.

The new mail is nice too. I have it set to do spam the default way again for a bit, but that will probably change before too long. As is, if I take spam out of the spam folder to file it (rather than delete it) it gets marked as not spam and screws up the spam identifying heuristics. I know I am screwed up for actually saving every single spam I get, but hey, I do. Before I had gotten around of this by setting up a seperate spam folder governed by my own custom rules. I may do that again.

Things do feel a little faster. I still need a whole new computer soon though. Hopefully Q1 next year. I should start counting the pennies. :-)

Panther is awesome though. Everyone needs to upgrade right away! :-)

Abulsme - Thu, 30 Oct 2003, 12:56:23 PST


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