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Four Down

Yesterday while at the chess game I got an email related to the last of the four job opportunities that popped up immediately when I started to talk to friends and coworkers about my upcoming lay off. I "interviewed well" but do not match their immediate needs. They will keep me in mind, but do not have anything for me now.

So none of these four panned out.

Now it is time to start hitting the job sites and recruiters I guess. Next week I will start up full search mode now that the direct networking is exausted for the moment. I'll also probably open myself up to consulting based non-perminant positions. I may also start applying to some of those grad schools I was looking at last year. We shall see.

Sigh. Time for a long slog.

Abulsme - Wed, 19 Nov 2003, 11:14:15 PST


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