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Fitness Contest Website Up

I have now added a section of the site for purpose of keeping track of the new 2004 Q1 Weight and Body Fat contests. Invitiations were sent to selected people at the end of November. The entry period has already ended and the contest begun. Data on the charts and graphs on the site will be updated as I get to the emails with the readings as I go through my email in order.

2004 Q1 Fitness Contest

Reviving something I did back in 2002, I invited a variety of friends to do a weight / body fat contest to try to get in shape.  A few entered.  Periodic Updates will appear here as the contest progresses.  This contest goes from Dec 1 2003 to Mar 31 2004.  Full rules and explainations of scoring are included below the score chart.
In addition, I took this opportunity to remove the Pager, Eating and Music portions of the site, which were suffering from lack of updates. The Pictures section is too, but it stays for now because it has a bunch of stuff in it. :-)

Abulsme - Tue, 16 Dec 2003, 16:41:11 PST


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