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Insignificant Microbe

OK. I went ahead and added myself to the Blogosphere Ecosystem on The Truth Laid Bear. I don't expect ever to evolve beyond the "Insignificant Microbe" category as I never have and probably never will really promote this site, I just do it for my own gratification. I'm pretty much the only one who ever looks at it. But hey, might as well get on some lists for a few more occational random hits. :-)

The pMachine software I'm using for this also automatically notifies weblogs.com whenever I make an update. And I've noticed that apperantly a few other automated blog trackers apperantly take their cues from weblogs.com to decide when to scan things. Which is cool I guess. At least more robotic spiders will see my site!

Oh, and to make sure I get on both the link list and the traffic list at the Ecosystem, I added the silly sitemeter thing too. You can click on the traffic meter at the very bottom of this page and see all by stats. At least for the parts of my site I've added the new footer to so far. Right now it validates that I am the only one looking at this. Which is OK. :-)

Hmmm. After setting up the webcam and then adding the counter and registering myself for the ecosystem. I think it is time to call it a day. Or night. Or whatever.

Abulsme - Sun, 13 Jul 2003, 01:11:39 PDT


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