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Brandy Day

The silly calandars we use would have the anniverary being yesterday. But that doesn't properly take into account of how leap years affect things, or the non-integer number of days in a year. So according to my calculations, it was ACTUALLY this morning at 05:51:45 UTC (12:51:45 AM Eastern Time) that Brandy was an even number of years old. I shall refrain from mentioning the exact number of years.

In any case, Brandy just passed a birthday milestone TODAY, and she is kind of bummed because she is under doctors orders to stay in bed for four days straight because her back is acting up. So we were not able to go out or do anything fun for her birthday. And I messed it up more by running out with Amy to buy presents... which took way longer than I thought it would... so therefore she was home alone stuck in bed for longer than she should have been. My fault, my bad.

Anyway, since she is all stuck in bed and bored out of her mind and such, email Brandy and wish her happy birthday and keep her entertained and stuff.

[Edit: Fixed a typo in Brandy's email address as per Al's comment. Thanks Al!]

Abulsme - Thu, 19 Feb 2004, 07:04:07 PST


I think her address is wrong in there!

Posted by: Al on Thu, 19 Feb 2004, 07:28:09 PST

Happy Birthday, Brandy

Posted by: Jeff Matthews on Wed, 3 Mar 2004, 15:53:44 PST

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