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So Close They Can Spit!

It would be great if we have another rerun with disputes taking weeks to resolve the election! I love that stuff! Maybe this time it can be sent to the House where it belonged last time...

This guy is using last year's election results, plus current state by state poll results and such to keep a running projection of the likely outcome in November. Right now his projections are showing a result almost identical to 2000. Yum! Fun stuff! The closer it is, the more fun it is to watch! (Forget about the actual results and who wins, I'm just talking the enjoyment of watching the process!)

Polling Data Update

Now to the first returns using the new formula. Are you kidding me?? The President is slightly behind Senator Kerry in the popular vote, 48.56% - 49.61%, while once again winning the electoral vote race, 274-264! So, after hours and hours of data processing using the new formula, we're right back where we ended up almost 4 years ago! Without state polls included, Kerry would win Florida and Bush would win New Hampshire. The first state poll advantage goes to the President.
(via Wizbang!)

Full 2004 Election Projections.

Abulsme - Mon, 3 May 2004, 12:46:36 PDT


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