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Day 4

Day 4 of my redesigned site. Woo! I am about to do the sleep thing. But before I do... I'm all curious about just how long it will take before someone from my regular top ten actually notices this revised site and comments on it. I wonder which of them (of those who have made my top ten in the last year) will notice and comment on it first. Dunno. Could be any of them I guess.

Greg and Brandy knew I was working on adding the blog, cause they helped me test and set it up on a different URL before I made it the home page. But neither of them have commented on it since I actually activated it on the site. And certainly nobody else has.

Dunno. Perhaps I should offer a prize for the first person from the last year of top tens who notices and says something to me. Or not. :-)

Anyway, bedtime. ZZZzzz...

Abulsme - Mon, 14 Jul 2003, 21:00:06 PDT


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