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DVD: Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

image Last night, right after almost destroying my computer, we started watching Empire Strikes Back. This time us being just me and Brandy, Amy having already gone to bed. Brandy fell asleep somewhere around the time Han and company were inside the asteroid worm thing and before Luke went into the cave. I stayed up to the end of course. Although I was very sleepy in the morning.

Myt memory patterns were different on this one. Remebered the beginning and the end, less of the middle. But again, nothing I didn't remember at all. The changes were less noticible in Empire. Being able to see outside in Bespin and all, where in the original there were walls instead of windows. (I think that was already changed in the special editions though.) Anyway, enjoyable, but while I know a lot of people think Empire was the best of the original three, it just doesn't have the huge impact to me. Maybe it is because the big surprise at the end isn't anymore because nobody nowhere nohow doesn't already know.

Oh, one thing I didn't like though. They changed the dialoge when Vadar talks to the emporor. I didn't mind that they put in the actor who played the emporor in Jedi and now the prequel trilogy, that consistancy is fine, but they should not have changed the text... it is now a bit more explicit on the Anakin back story, and I'm not sure that was needed. Oh well.

It is late already, and we haven't started Jedi yet for tonight. So we'd better get to it...

Abulsme - Tue, 17 May 2005, 19:05:55 PDT


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