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Cinema: Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

imageWell, never did finish Episode II. Would probably have been able to finish it in line... well, I know I would have, I was more than half way through it and we were in line for almost two hours... but once I had Amy I let her start it from the beginning, and we got maybe 3/4 through. Oh well. I rememebred enough.

So, got into Sith of course. I don't have time for any long comments right now, but I'll basically echo what most of the reviews I have seen said. As long as you are expecting Star Wars, and not something more high brow, then it is awesome. This is a real Star Wars, not like the dreck of Episode I, or the a bit better but still disappointingness of Episode II. Sure, there are some parts that can be nitpicked if you think too much, and parts are still over CGI'd at the expense of story, but hey, it is Star Wars. Let go of all that, and it is great. You see everything you would expect to see and it is done pretty well.

Of all the Star Wars on first blush I am actually tempted to say it is the best of the six. If not, it is close. The stuff I liked with Vader/Luke/Emporer in VI is here in III plus some. Could they have spent a bit more time on that? Probably. (Especially if they hadn't wasted Episodes I & II, but oh well...) But it was still good.

Oh well, I do not have time for more. I need to run out the door to head to the airport. I'm heading to Pittsburgh for approximately 24 hours for a friend's wedding.

Abulsme - Sun, 22 May 2005, 01:14:08 PDT


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