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Our Turn?

Speaking of weddings, practically everybody at Kathy’s wedding that I knew asked me when it would be my turn, so I present here as well my standard answer:

Not yet, but it is just a matter of time. There are a few preliminaries that have to be dealt with first, for instance that Brandy is currently married to someone else, but hey, we can take care of those things. :-) Once that is taken care of, and the financial situation has fully stabilized after the upheavals of the last two years (bought a house, lost a job, gained a job, sold a house, moved to a new state, started supporting three instead of one, bought a house, paid a huge tax bill, gained a second income in the family) then we’ll start looking at what actual plans to make and when. For all intents and purposes Brandy and I already behave in a married fashion. We’ll take care of the legalities sooner or later.

Brandy and I pretty much agree though that it will not be an extravagant affair with lots of formalities and lots of guests. If and when we do it it will be very small. With just a few friends and family. Very informal. Very “lightweight”. I joke that the invitee list will be whoever happened to make my top ten list the month before and that will be IT. We shall see. Probably a little bit more than Ivan’s “Oh hey, I’m getting married tomorrow” but probably not by a huge amount. :-)

Abulsme - Wed, 25 May 2005, 04:23:13 PDT


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