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Generation 1

With the last post I finished off Generation 1. So time to do a "where am I from" summary. "From" in the sense that people say their family is from England, or Germany, or whatever. I'll do this after each generation I fully complete. At the moment I have enough in my spreadsheet that I know I can "complete" at least through Generation 4 (my 16 great-great-grandparents) in that I have all of their names. I don't however have where all of them were born, so when we get there part of me might be from "Unknown". We'll see. Generation 5 and beyond I also am missing people entirely. (For instance, I only know 24 out of 32 names for Generation 5 at the moment... then on a percentage basis each succeeding generation has fewer.)


Based on the 2 people in Generation 1, Sam is from:

50%: District of Columbia, USA
50%: Ohio, USA

Of course, I should have made a post like this after finishing Generation 0. It would have looked like:

Based on the 1 person in Generation 0, Sam is from:

100%: Wisconsin, USA

Abulsme - Mon, 29 May 2006, 04:01:37 PDT


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