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David Ramseur Minter

Time for another ancestor. This time my father's father... born 1912 in North Carolina, died in 1991 in Arizona. With quite a lot of interesting events in between.

David Ramseur Minter

On 27 Sep 1955 a "Mass Meeting" of the white elite of Holmes County, Mississippi met and accused Dr. Minter and his co-practicioner Dr. Gene Cox of "communist doings" at Providence due to the fact that they treated both blacks and whites at the same facility. They were told to get out of town. David and Sue stayed for about another year, but then the pressure on them and on Providence Farm became intolerable and the family moved to Tucson, Arizona to join son William (Bill).
On the wiki page I link to the three pages of a biographical article published in 1997. It is a fascinating history, especially the years in Mississippi. In fact, there is a whole book on the history of the "experiment" that my grandfather was a part of in the late 40's and early 50's. I'd definitely recommend the article (it is a very quick read) to everybody and the book for anybody that is interested in a bit deeper view.

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