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Osama Update and History

This is a nice recap of the search for Bin Laden over the last few years (going back to the Clinton years). A reminder that despite the recent obsession over Iraq, this is still around.

The Search for Osama by Jane Mayer in The New Yorker

"He's sending tapes and messages to his followers all the time, with instructions that could not have come from anyone else," Yossef Bodansky, the director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, told me recently. "They're things like condolences to families of Islamic luminaries who have died," he said. "People from the Philippines to Indonesia to South America ask bin Laden questions, and they get answers from him." Bodansky was struck by the meditative tone of the letters. "They are written with a tremendous amount of peace of mind. There are no mistakes. He is not a guy on the run."

(found via CounterSpin)

There isn't too much brand new here that we have not heard before, but it is a good compilation. Sooner or later, our distraction with Iraq is going to cause us more problems.

Abulsme - Wed, 30 Jul 2003, 14:54:41 PDT


The New Yorker article is a very informative and well-written piece. I second Sam's recommendation to read it.

Posted by: Reb on Fri, 1 Aug 2003, 15:33:30 PDT

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