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Mackay, Idaho, USA - 2003 Q3 Random Trip

At long last... way too long after it ended, sorry for the delay... the full website for the random trip to a spot near Mackay, Idaho is up and complete. In addition to myself, Marilyn and Chad also came on this random trip, and added their commentary to the website.

Those of you following my blog have probably looked at each of these pages as I have posted them, but for those who have not, check them all out:

Select - The random spot is chosen
Day 0 - Sam packs, leaves home, and meets Marilyn in Minnesota
Day 1 - We meet Chad in Boise, then drive back roads to Ketchum
Day 2 - First attempt for the random spot
Day 3 - Great views and Sam flips his bicycle
Day 4 - Concert, gym and broken camera
Day 5 - Sam gets mad and climbs a mountain
Day 6 - Mackay, river rafting, and Chad gets pulled over by the cops
Day 7 - Getting to the random spot... twice
Day 8 - Goodbye to Chad, Mall of America, Goodbye to Marilyn
Day 9 - Sam gets home, goes back to work, and moves boxes

And that's it! This was one of the best random vacations so far. We had a blast!

(Check out the earlier vacations.)

I'll be picking the next random spot sometime in the next few days. Watch for it!

Abulsme - Sun, 14 Mar 2004, 21:34:27 PST


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