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imageA few days ago, Kelly asked for an update on the frogs. And I was about to comply that very day, but then she said she needed more pictures, so I was delayed several days. Even then though, I didn't get any good new pictures, so here is a picture I actually took a few weeks ago but didn't use on the blog at the time. It is of a tad-frog that has its legs, but hasn't lost the tail yet.

Anyway, the update. At any given moment there are two or three newly minted mini-frogs emerging from the tank. They tend to stick around the tank for a day or so. Perhaps two. But no more than that. Then they hop away.

A few don't make it. I've seen a few that obviously died half way through the transition. Newly formed legs. Tail still there. Apperantly this is normal. Metamorphosis is a traumatic experience, and quite simply not all of them can make it through. But it appears most are making it. The ones that don't... well, they are eaten by the others.

Meanwhile, in one of the tanks there are now hundreds of new tiny tadpoles. Now, I'm fairly certain tadpoles are too young to reproduce, so it isn't that they are breeding in my tanks, but rather a full grown frog couple decided the tanks were a good place to make more. So more are on their way yet.

Brandy says once we have a screen the tadpoles have to live outside of it. :-( Oh well.

Every day though, new baby frogs working their ways out of the tank and off to the wide world.

It is a nice thing.

Abulsme - Sun, 31 Jul 2005, 18:59:23 PDT


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