On October 26, 2004 I made a post on my blog starting a campaign to popularize the word "Antihypersyllabicsesquipedalian".  This is a word that is woefully underutilized in today's world, and just needs a little help to become widely used.  It means, roughly, "a person who hates long words".  What follows is a chart that represents how successful (or not) my campaign has been so far.  This shows the number of results a Google search on "antihypersyllabicsesquipedalian" gave on the various dates I attempted it and recorded the results.  As we can see, in 2004 and 2005 there was an upward trend, but since then the word has once again been in decline.  So all antihypersyllabicsesquipedalian fans out there, rally together and use the word more on the web.  K?  Thanks.



Data as of 23 Jun 2006