Since I first got a scale that measures body fat as well as weight, I have kept track of that as well as weight.  Off and on.  Not all the time.  And a bunch of the data hasn't yet been entered here.  I will slowly get all the historical readings back into the charts here.


For a male my age the "healthy" range for % Body Fat is 8% to 20%.  Overfat is 20% to 25%.  Above 25% is considered Obese.  Oops.  As you can see, I've been in the bad categories.  I am working my way back down.


First, just the last year.  You can see I peaked in  October, but have been on my way back down ever since.


Year Weight


And the full history...  well, right now this is only a few data points more than the one year history.  I actually have data going back several years, but they are handwritten on paper packed away in a box somewhere.  But once I find them, I'll put that data onto this chart!


Lung History