Since I was a child I have had asthma.  It used to cause me quite a bit of trouble.  With modern medicines it bothers me much less than when I was a teenager and younger.  But it is still there and likely always will be.  So I monitor it on a regular basis.  What follows are charts I have kept of my "peak flow".  This basically measures how strongly I can blow out, which in turn is one indicator of my lung strength and how well I am breathing at that moment.  As a rough guide (this based on my personal experience, it is not a medically scientific guide):


Over 600:  I'm doing awesome!  This is where I would really like to be all the time, but rarely am.

500-600:  Doing good.  I feel "normal".  No restrictions on what I can do.  Can run and jump and play.

400-500:  I don't feel great. I can do all normal things, but I feel low on energy and am tired a lot.  Heavy activity not wise. 

300-400:  Feeling really bad.  Normal activity is a strain.  I should be lying down.  Probably should see a doctor.

200-300:  I should definately see a doctor.  I am barely functional.  ER might even be a possibility on the low side.

Under 200:  I should without question be in the ER under professional care.  This is highly dangerous and possibly life threatening.


On both of the charts below, there is still some data missing that I do have, I just have to find.  I am slowly filling it in.


First, just the last year.  You can see a big dip after the hurricanes when we let the dog inside the house for the first time, but I seem to be bouncing back a bit. 


Year Weight


And the full history:


Lung History