This is a chart of my cash net worth over time.  The actual values on the vertical scale have been removed for privacy reasons, but the trends can be seen.  The main line is my cash net worth only.  Meaning that it only includes accounts which have a direct known cash value and does not count the value of any hard assets I may have.  Most notably, it does not include the value of the houses I have owned.  I have added an additional set of green points indicating where the line would be if I did count the houses, and valued them at the prices I bought them for.

Year Weight


As you can see, I had a nice little upward trend going from 1996 to 2000, but since 2001 things have oscillated a bit, but have basically been flat (at least once you count the value of the houses).  Flat is OK, but up is better.  We'll see what I can manage going forward.

Lung History

The "last year only" view is swamped by the sale of my house in PA followed a few months later by the purchase of my place in Florida.  I didn't put the green dots on this one, although I guess I could.  But I didn't.


Data as of 16 Apr 2005