A chart of my ranking on the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem.  I haven't been doing all that well.  Nobody links to me.  Of course I haven't been advertising myself and asking people to and such.  And I usually don't have much that I'm saying that people would link to anyway.  But still!  I'm dropping like a rock!!!  I'm also showing how I fare compared to Rebecca's blog Home-Schooled by a Cackling Jackal and Al's Phatback.  The Jackal gets lots of links and has stayed pretty high.  In the past few years Al and I have just continued to drop so much so that I now use a logarithmic scale to more easily keep Rebecca on the same chart.  :-)


Note:  Sometime in 2004 Q4 the Bear who manages the ecosystem changed how the details pages at his site are set up.  He added some very cool graphs and such, but took away the historical listings of rankings over time.  So since I do not check these rankings daily, but only once every couple months, I can't do like I did before and when I do check, go back and fill out all the daily rankings for this chart.  Instead I can only chart the rankings as of the date I look.  Thus, after the last day I have daily states (19 Sep 2004) the charts will be much rougher and have many straight lines rather than the nice jagged lines from before then.  Sorry about that!  Also, I added no new data points at all between December 2004 and May 2007.  Sorry about that too.  :-)

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