What follows is a graph of visits to abulsme.com as recorder by SiteMeter.  I have the raw log files for the site going back years and years, and analysing that would be much more accurate and produce better numbers and charts, but I am lazy and that would take work.  I get visits data from SiteMeter by email every day.  The downsides?  Numbers only start from when I added the blog to the front page of my website in September 2003, they only count visits to pages I have bothered to put the sitemeter on (so this actually underestimates my traffic), and there have been occational gaps in data due to various things.  Also, I only started putting the sitemeter data into a chart after the blog returned from the extended hiatus when I moved to Florida.  So older data (and some data after that as well actually ) has not yet been retrofitted into the charts.  It will be though.  Someday!


This shows "visits" which is always somewhat of a controversial number.  It counts all hits from the same internet address within a certain period of time as one "visit" even though in real life, some seperate "visitors" may share an IP address.  Other single visitors may actually show up being from multiple IP addresses depending on their proxy settings.  And caching can throw all sorts of stuff off.  But hey, it is a number, and it shows trends, so I will graph it!


Abulsme.com Visits