Taking the fact that my morning routine has for years included emailing myself stats of various sorts, I realized that if I just looked at the timestamps of those emails, I could get a proxy for when I wake up in the morning.  Technically it is not the moment I wake up, but the time I send myself that email.  Typically that would be right before I step into the shower on a given day.  The following graph shows the time I have gotten up over the past year.  Notes about the interesting aspects of the chart after the chart.

Year Weight

There are several items to see here:

Note: The averages given are not straight averages since then, for instance, if my average time of waking up was at 23:30, and one day I got up at 0:30, a normal average would move the average time EARLIER in the day, whereas the correct motion would be LATER in the day since 0:30 is an hour after 23:30 as well as 23 hours before.  So I've used what I am calling a "cicular average".  I treat the time of day as an angle around a circle with 24 hours in a full circle.  I translate each data point into rectangular coordinates.  I average THOSE points, then translate back into polar coordinates, discarding the radius as irrelevant, and transforming the angle back into the 0-24 scale.


Data as of 13 Aug 2006