In the early days of, one of the features was the graph of my weight.  Then it disapeared for years.  Now it is back! 


There are some gaps in the data over the years.  All of the pre-1995 data was lost in a graphing calculator crash in 1995.  Some of that (although not most of it) may be on an old floppy disk packed in a box somewhere, and if I ever find it, I will restore it.  There is also some late 2003 and early 2004 data that exists but is not yet included in this chart.  I think I know where that data is though.  So it should be restored soon.  In any case, the Sam's weight graph is back!


First just this last year.  As mentioned, some data is still missing.  It will be back soon.  You can see I kind of peaked in October.  Dunno why.  That was the highest weight of my life so far.  I'm on my way back down now, although I'm not actually trying.  It is just happening.


Year Weight


And the full history, where you can see my steady rise over the last 12 years, starting in 1994 and 1995 when I was trying to gain as much as I could because I was too skinny.  And you can also see quite clearly the "weight contests" of 2001 and 2002, especially the big one, where to win the contest (which was a very stiff competition) I ended up eating only something like 10 times in the entire last month of the contest, and not at all in the last 10 days (other than one SlimFast shake on the 8th day) in order to ensure my win (barely!).  Um, that was stupid.  Very stupid. But I recovered quickly.  :-)

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