March 2004

After Greg's win last month over Al, Chad called me on my tendency when there is an email battle during the month to always talk about the runner up first, and then say something along the lines of "But despite their efforts, X won instead!". Well, Chad is of course right, I have done that a lot. :-) I will not this time.


Chad won. Chad crushed all opposition. Chad sent over six times as much email as anybody else in March. In fact, I don't think anybody else was particularly putting up an effort. But Chad wanted to make SURE. Chad had not won since August 2002. That was an 18 month dry spell for Chad, after being a fairly frequent winner from 1997 to 2002. He started out making himself send about 50 emails a day. Then he upped that to 100. Then toward the end of the month, he tried to push that to 200.


In reality the first 10 days of the month Chad averaged 46 emails a day. The second 10 days of the month Chad averaged 66 emails a day. The last 11 days of the month he averaged 150 emails a day. All this led to a grand total of 2773 emails for the month.


But I think Chad will be disappointed. Because this total means he missed the previous all time record for emails sent to me in one month by only 45 emails. Of course, that record is held by Chad. March 1999. But only 45 messages? Poor Chad. Perhaps if he hadn't taken off the 9th and 10th of the month and sent no emails at all those two days he could have done it. Oh well!


For the rest of the crowd, not much to note. Most people did about their average performances. Matt and Ron came back onto the list after absences. Greg after his big performance in February plummets right off the list. Barb also slides off the bottom of the list this time. Hopefully they will be back sometime.


Rank Total Name Address
1 2773 Chad Hunter
2 439 Chris Morrow
3 348 Brandy Donaghy
4 240 Al Michael
5 213 Rebecca Livingston
6 205 Kelly McGowan
7 111 Erica Livingston
8 96 Matt Wohl
9 88 Ron Adams
10 87 Iván Bou


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