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December 2023

Alex Says he is a Plow


Meanwhile, Amy is 18 miles south, stuck on streets her minivan is not navigating well, trying to get to a friend’s house. :-/

Playing in the Snow

Once he woke up, I showed Alex the snow. He was excited there would be no school and he wanted to get dressed as fast as possible so he could go outside right away.

He ran out ahead of me and immediately made a snow angel…


Then he explored the back yard.


Roscoe joined us right away to see what was up.


This year’s snowman was not quite as cute as last year’s.

Then we walked the dog. After about 10 minutes, Alex decided he wanted his gloves again even though he had taken them off earlier. But oops, they were not in my pockets as I thought, but we’d left them at home! He gave me the dog, put his hands in his pockets, and we walked another 15 minutes.


Once we got home, he decided the right thing to have as a snack in the snow was a popsicle. But after a minute or so of that he decided he was cold and he was done. He went in first to sit by the fire, but then decided that wasn’t working, and so instead he cuddled under a blanket with his mom until he was warm.

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First Snow (2013/2014 Season)


Alex’s First Snowman!


Yeah… Not much snow left, but he wanted to make one, so…

Maybe next year we’ll make a big one. :-)

Alex got his walk!


All winter long Alex has talked about how last year he walked his dog in the snow, and how when it snowed he would do it again. But all winter long, the most we got was a short lived dusting. Now, we managed to take advantage of one of those dustings, but it just wasn’t the same. So I had started thinking about taking Alex and Roscoe up to the mountains some Saturday in the next few weeks to play in the snow.

But then this morning there was real snow, with an inch or two on the ground! I was at work and missed it, but Alex got his walk with Roscoe in the snow! He was reluctant at first, but from what I hear in the end he had to be dragged away from the snow and the dog to get ready to actually go to school this morning. So yay!

Perhaps there will still be a trip to the mountains. Or not. We’ll see. :-)

You are kidding, right?


Maybe Alex will get to walk Roscoe in the snow this winter after all!

It will have to be Amy or Brandy helping him though, because he is still asleep and I have to run to work. :-(

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First Snow


Mandatory Snowy Fun


Expedition Begins


Morning Snow Glow