Sam's 1999 Vacation

37°28'29.5"N 120°2'1.2"W


So, for the second year, the location of my 1999 vacation was chosen by a random process. Random points on the surface of the earth (evenly distributed) were chosen. If the point was on water it was thrown out. After ten points on land were found, one was chosen based on how interesting it would be, tempered by practical realities of getting to the spot, thus eliminating interesting spots like the backcountry of Afghanistan. Last year the spot chosen was just notheast of Lac Megantic, Quebec, Canada. This year, it was just west of Mariposa, California, USA. This is the story and pictures from that trip. (I have not reduced the pictures, so it might be a long download.)


The trip, which this year I made alone, was to start on the evening of Friday the 31st of July. I was to work all day Friday, then head to catch my plane at 7:15 PM at Newark Airport. However, given my usual lack of organization, I was by no means prepared by Friday morning. My birds were being medicated, and I needed to take them to the vet to stay while I was gone. I had not done my monthly email top ten list. I had not deposited my paycheck. And of course I had not packed. Not in the slightest. Because for the last week I had not been preparing, and the night before I had gone out with people from work.



Yeah,. it's blurry. I moved the camera and it was dark. Sue me.


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