2002 Q1 Vacation Videos

These are some UNEDITED clips from the vacation that seemed somewhat interesting. I had hoped to edit something together that was a nice little presentation, but did not have time. As it is, I waded through the couple hours of video I had, and am posting the few segments I thought were most interesting.

Leaving Spindleberries

The beginning of the quest for my random spot, as I leave Spindleberries, the B&B I stayed in while in Aylesbury.

Along Canal

Walking along the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

Squishy Field

A squishy field I had to walk through on the way to the random spot.

Last 500 Feet

The last 500 feet to my random spot for the 2002 Q1 Vacation!

Really Squishy Field

An even more squishy field I went through on the way back to the B&B from the random spot.


A short interview with the Masons, the owners of Spindleberries. A few thoughts from them on my random trips and on Aylesbury.

British Fowl

Some water birds I saw while walking along a canal.

British Troops

The troops I saw at the airfield near the canal