2002 Q1 Vacation:  51°49.46251'N, 0°44.9946'W

This is the story of my 2002 Q1 Vacation. Enjoy. Please send any comments to me at abulsme@abulsme.com. Of course, please keep in mind that this is a completely unedited on the fly stream of conciousness type description of the vacation. It has not been edited, polished, at all, so it will be long winded and full of redundancies, and all that fun stuff. Probabl;y bunches of typos and grammatical errors too. :-) 

Vacation Selection

Day 0 (Leaving Home)

Day 1 (To Aylesbury via London)

Day 2 (Finding the Random Spot)

Day 3 (Museums and Movies)

Day 4 (Duck In and Chicago's)

Day 5 (Walk and Town and Walk)

Day 6 (Searching for Balloons)

Day 7 (Chance Meeting in the Airport)

Day 8 (Coming Home)

Video Clips

Aylesbury Sounds