Note added 10 Mar 2002: Everything other than this note is the original 1998 description of this trip. Some additional pictures which I did not put up at the time can be seen in the Pictures section of my site under March 1998.Unlike the others listed thiswas NOT a vacation that was choosen as randomly by a formula. The destination was actually choosen the old fashioned way. We did go part of the way on back roads following the GPS arrow though. Despite not being of the same type as the other trips, it is included here because it is the first vacation that I did a web travel log of, and is some ways the pre-cursor to the vacations choosen randomly.


My Trips


This will someday have descriptions of many trips. Well, who knows. For now it chronicles a trip I made with Ivan Bou on 6 Mar 1998 to 9 Mar 1998. We drove from my apartment in Plainsboro, New Jersey to the Fointableu Hilton in Miami Beach, Florida. Along the way we visted serveral friends of ours. Each of the four days of the trip is described below with not all the details, but probably more than is needed. I'm not sure when the next trip will be. Maybe this summer. But in any case, this trip was a lot of fun.
Day 1Day 2
Day 3Day 4
Day 5 - Epilogue
Note: We took lots of pictures, and even a couple of (really lame) Quicktime movies. Very few of them have been linked in so far. As I write we have just finished our trip. So far I've only had time to put the basics in. Basically just some low-quality maps of our route. I'll try to get more pictures and better maps in when I get a chance. When that will be I have no idea. If I get lots of requests it will be sooner. If not, I'll get to it when I get to it. Which, knowing my usual schedule, might be years.
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