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In days gone by, one of the features of this site was a bunch of charts and graphs of various things.  That has been gone for awhile, but it seems like time to bring it back.  There are a few things I've been gather data for lately, and it seems time to start adding a few of them.  What is graphed and charted here will ebb and flow over time, and sometimes there will be more, sometimes less.  So what follows are a few things worth charting.


Antihypersyllabicsesquipedalian (updated 23 Jun 2007) TTLB Ecosystem Ranking (updated 27 May 2007)

US State Department Travel Warnings Over Time (updated 4 Sep 2006)

Sam's WakeUp Time (as of 13 Aug 2006)

Sam's Email Backlog (as of 10 Mar 2006)

Sam's Net Worth Over Time (as of 16 Apr 2005)

Sam's Steps Over Time (updated 12 Feb 2005) Visits Over Time (updated 16 Jan 2005)

Sam's % Body Fat Over The Years (updated 9 Jan 2005)

Sam's Lung Strength Over The Years (updated 26 Dec 2004)

Sam's Weight Over The Years (updated 24 Dec 2004)