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September 2003

And the Reorg is…

…Dunno yet. :-) My boss announced “Bowing to popular demand, I am leaving

“. He’s looking for opportunities elsewhere in the company and will stay around in transition for awhile. We are reporting to someone temporary for a few weeks while they figure out exactly how to organize us. Looks like we will be scattered within the department. There will be various meetings next week where we can chat with the decision makers about where we think we fit in and where might make sense for us to go.

Overall this is good I think. Of course, that is hard to say not knowing where I will be going yet, but the guy who is our temporary leader and who will be planning where we go eventually I have worked with before and like and get along well with. I’m hoping for the best now.

Oh, and nothing about the move except I think it will be in October, not September, and they are trying to figure out the reorg before they actually move us.

GPS 2610 Drooling Again

The “street price” is much less than I thought it would be, and reading this review on Joe Mehaffey’s website it just looks awesome. If I hadn’t completely broken the budget already by buying a house and going to Idaho, I would be ordering this by sunset. :-) As it is, I still may have to wait a couple of months for the budget to recover. Perhaps January.

StreetPilot 2610 / 2650 Car Navigator Product Review

The Garmin StreetPilot 2610 is in Garmin’s latest generation of GPS receivers with street level mapping and automatic route navigation for your car. It is their first model with Finger TOUCH SCREEN for data input and control -and- map storage (up to 1GB) using CF memory cards -and- USB data interface for map loading and NMEA data input/output. This sleek unit has the GPS antenna integral within the unit and is designed to fit on top of your dash and provide you with visual and audio directions for navigating your car on unfamiliar streets and roads. A battery powered remote control is provided so that passengers can program the unit even from the back seat. :) Unfortunately (for the kids), Garmin did not choose to put any games in this model.


In about 90 minutes we have an “Organization” meeting, presumably to notify us of yet another reorg. Rumor has it the current group will be broken up and the various parts put under random other parts of the larger organization. Just a rumor though. Will know for real in 90 minutes.

Don’t know if they will also mention the fact that we will be moving on September 19th, and those of us who are VPs without people reporting to us will lose our offices and go back into cubes. But I’ve heard that so much at this point I will be surprised if it is not the case.

Anyway, there is potential for great suckage here, although depending on who I end up reporting to there may (or may not) be an upside too. We shall see.

My expectations are low.