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November 2007

Of course…

I did that quickie blog post, but never on Thursday did I sit down and answer Wednesday’s email. I have been trying to be really good about answering the previous day’s messages the next day and have managed to do that for a while without fail. But I missed Wednesday, which means that Wednesday’s emails now go into the “older than one day, less than a month old” bucket, which I get to only if within the time I allocate each evening to email I finish the previous day’s email and have time left over. Of course, at this moment, the oldest message in that bucket is the message telling me to deal with email in the “older than one month old” bucket… which means if I do deal with the yesterday’s mail bucket, then I go to the second bucket, but it immediately tells me to go to the third… and I’m quite behind on the third bucket, so chances are it will be longer than a month until I get back to the second bucket…

This all ads up to, if you sent me any email on Wednesday, don’t expect a reply for approximately a year. Sorry about that.

This also applies to the emails I sent to myself reminding me to do stuff. Oops. Oh well.

In any case, I will get to the emails that people sent me on Thursday shortly.


Um…. I have several things I could potentially talk about, but they would all take more than a few minutes, and I am about to go into a three hour meeting, so I have no time for that. However, I will post anyway, because if I didn’t, by the time I got out of the meeting, I would have not made any posts today, and it would be the first day in a long time I hadn’t posted, so I’ll make this post with no real content. Woo.

Amy’s Hand

So Amy’s been in a brace again for awhile… maybe the last month? Dunno. It was after she was chasing some boy in the school parking lot and grabbed him and he twisted one way and she didn’t. And her hand did something odd.

Latest doctor visit was today. The brace needs to stay on at least another 3 weeks, and they want to do an MRI to look to see if she did any damage that time alone won’t heal and which would require more intrusive action.

Lovely. Oh well…

Of course, it hasn’t slowed her down any, and I’m sure she is STILL chasing boys in the parking lot.

Dizzy Sam

Last night driving home from work I started getting a headache and a bit lightheaded. After a brief stop to get coffee with Brandy and a quick trip to the grocery store I crashed at home. I didn’t actually just go to sleep, although I should have. But I was basically non-functional and non-productive all evening. I didn’t even look at my email… let alone answer any. I didn’t do anything else even remotely useful.

I pulled the Poang in front of my computer and watched recorded C-Span coverage of various Presidential campaign events for three or four hours. And some other news shows. Oh yeah, and an episode of C-Span’s Presidential Libraries series. For those of you who may not have been watching, it is a very good series. If you missed them, you can watch all the ones that have aired so far on the C-Span website I linked to two sentences ago. There is only one left to air.

Anyway, I did absolutely nothing useful, but I was still up until 10 UTC or so.

So today I am tired, and still have a headache.

Oh, and there was an earthquake on the other side of Puget sound from us at about 6:30 UTC yesterday. We didn’t feel anything ourselves, but the highlight of the news coverage of the evening was when the breathless news reporter talked on the phone to someone who had felt it. When asked how strong it was, the guy said “It was so strong my dog got up and walked around.” It made me laugh. It was a very small earthquake.

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Mr Wolf, Mr Wolf

I know I am a bit behind, but I just watched the November 15th Democratic Presidential debate last night. Aside from everything else, I couldn’t help but thinking over and over that any candidate could instantly get a very good shot at my vote by simply saying:

“Wolf Blitzer, you are an idiot and an ass, please shut up.”

But nobody did.

Too Short

Well, Thanksgiving is over already. I slept through most of it. We’re not doing the big meal thing for a couple more hours though. I figured I’d get some extra stuff done during the extra free day. But of course I didn’t.

Sam Turkey

Sensitivity to Fire

Almost as soon at the temperatures dropped below about 60 it seems absolutely everybody around where we live started using their fireplaces and wood burning stoves and such. And the weather around here is such that the smoke does not go away. It hangs over everything.

Me being sensitive to such things, means that as soon as this happens, I start having a tight chest and breathing becomes more difficult than usual, even when I’m on all the usual meds (Rx and otherwise) for those sorts of things.

I like fire as much as the next guy, but this always kinda sucks, cause it started several weeks ago, and I pretty much know it will last until spring.