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Pics from Apr 2014

April was difficult. Started out with 979 pictures for the month. Narrowed down to 77 in the first pass through looking for pictures worth posting. Then had to narrow it down to 30 (one per day) for this post. The last cull was tough! Anyway, here goes…

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 19.50.17407

2014-04-02 02:01 – Alex riding his bike, for real!


2014-04-06 21:58 – Goggle selfie


2014-04-12 07:39 – Roscoe cuddles up to sleep


2014-04-19 21:57 – Amy (and Alex) at the Space Needle


2014-04-19 21:58 – Alex conspiring with Cousin Lev


2014-04-19 22:58 – Still conspiring, now under Alex’s new umbrella, under watchful adult eyes


2014-04-19 23:51 – Walking with Grandma Ruth


2014-04-20 00:02 – The Seattle Great Wheel


2014-04-20 00:12 – Cousin Seth was there too


2014-04-20 00:?? (picture by my mom) – Sitting with Daddy in the wheel


2014-04-20 00:26 – But I was less interesting than Cousin Lev


2014-04-20 00:?? (picture by my mom) – Lev had a good view out the window


2014-04-20 00:37 – Back on the ground, Lev and Alex continued to stick together as much as they could.


2014-04-20 03:26 – Having said goodbye to the cousins, walking back toward the car past EPM/SFM


2014-04-20 03:31 – Alex runs within the “Glass Blades” sculpture.


2014-04-20 21:56 – And then there was an Easter egg hunt at my mother’s college roommate’s house!

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 18.13.14896

2014-04-20 22:02 (screenshot from a video) – Alex even had Amy climb a tree to get an egg!


2014-04-20 22:04 (posted previously) – It was great fun. There was running.


2014-04-20 22:10 – And climbing.


2014-04-20 22:40 – And of course the counting of the loot.


2014-04-22 22:34 – Another day, and it is a trip to a park.


2014-04-22 22:27 (Animated GIF assembled by Google+ Autoawesome) – A park with trains!!


2014-04-22 22:34 – A park with a beach and logs to sit on with Grandma Ruth!


2014-04-22 22:36 – Alex looks over the beach


2014-04-22 22:42 – It was a pretty beach


2014-04-22 22:43 – Alex got brave and dipped his feet in the water


2014-04-22 22:46 – Grandma Ruth and Alex examined things other people had drawn on the sand


2014-04-22 22:48 – But then there was another train!


2014-04-22 22:55 – A panorama of Alex and Grandma Ruth on the beach. (Click it to enbiggen.)


2014-04-27 23:47 – And to finish off the month, Alex running with Roscoe :-)

Edited 23:00 to fix typo.

Curmudgeon’s Corner: That’s Just How It Goes

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  • Google Car
  • SpaceX Dragon V2

Recorded on 30 May 2014

Length this week – 1:08:44

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  • BTW, my default “Dynamic” timeframe will automatically zoom in closer and closer as the election approaches. 08:05:55
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  • All that is for the dynamic view of course. I’ll always have the menu option letting you pick specific timeframes. 09:06:58
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  • Ah wait! I forgot I’d changed it awhile ago from now to the election being 10%, to that being 20%. Still, thinking about a max hist on dyn. 09:11:07
  • So at 1 year out it will show 4 years of history. At 6 mo it will show two years. At three months a year. At one month, the last 4. 09:13:35
  • That actually seems reasonable. Still, I will think on it. Time for bed now though. ZZZzzz… 09:14:01
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  • On the way to Folklife with Brandy and Alex. Amy will be meeting us there later. 22:04:17

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