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July 2006


I missed noting when it passed 10%, cause while I had heard there was a place you could find out, I hadn’t bothered to find it yet. But now I have and of course that means I will keep track. And perhaps note it here when I pass certain milestones.

In any case, I started at my current company on 11 Jan 2006. It is now 31 Jul 2006. Just about six and a half months later.

At this point 12.09% of the employees of my company were hired after I was.


Amy Limbo

At the Company Picnic

Unpacking Fun

One more time lapse of my webcam. This time from Sunday. It has a bunch of boxes moving around as we unpacked and organized things, along with a bit of Mike as we put him back into his real tank after more than a week in a much smaller travel tank.

I was thinking about posting daily time lapses until the living room was fully in shape, but certain family members are reluctant to be on camera, so this is likely the last one. :-) But it is kinda fun to watch things rapidly moving around!

Movers Unloading

This is the time lapse of my webcam from Saturday when the movers were doing their unloading thing. The first frame with movers is at 15:01:11 UTC and the last is at 20:19:57 UTC.

This is a 5.2 MB file, so it will take a while to load. And of course it needs Quicktime.

The rest of the day we can be seen moving around and unloading some of the boxes. And of course we are still doing so now if you look live. This will assuredly continue for several days yet, if not longer.

Cinema: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

imageSo… the day after we watched the DVD of the last Pirates movie, we went to the new one in the theater. That would have been back on the 9th. I’ve gotten a bit behind due to this whole moving thing. In any case… I liked the movie. In some ways I liked it better than the first one, but for the most part I would say it was a wash. Fun movie. Worth the 2 hours and the buttered popcorn. But nothing I’ll remember much about in the long term. It was fun though, and I’ll see #3 when it comes out.

I really should write these right after I see movies, cause two weeks later I basically don’t remember all that much. There were pirates. There was a dog. You need to stay to the end of the credits to see the last bit with the dog. There was also a girl and some people made out of fish. People made out of fish. How can you go wrong with a movie that includes people made out of fish?

Boxing Amy

The moving people left a few hours ago. We are now unpacking. We got Amy out of her box.

Moving Show

At 15:00 UTC today (Saturday), about 10 hours and 15 minutes from the time I am making this post… the movers will be arriving in Bellevue to deposit that portion of our stuff which will be coming to our apartment. The camera will be pointed in the general direction of the living room of the apartment. So those interested will be able to watch as stuff arrives. I know that will be thrilling and exciting for everyone. The time lapse view after the day is over might be fun too. Or not.

Our Golf Course

This is one of the things that is effecting the market for our old house.

Neighbors battle new houses
(Linda Jump, Florida Today)

About 300 homes surround the former Port Malabar Country Club, and the residents don’t want 310 more built on the old greens and fairways.

The Planning and Zoning Board will meet again Aug. 2 to continue a discussion on the new proposal. A meeting Monday night drew more than 100 people.

After nearly three hours, board members unanimously voted to defer any action.

Residents hope to find investors willing to buy and upgrade the golf course. Homeowners failed to persuade the city to buy the site for recreation. The homeowners association discussed buying it but hasn’t come up with the money.

Resident Russ Wood said properties along the course had decreased in value since it closed.


We’re home.