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Pics from Jun 2014

30 pictures selected out of 481 for the month. It was a slow month, with no big “events”, but the final narrowing was still hard!


2014-06-01 02:31 – Mom singing with her church choir.


2014-06-02 15:51 – Mornings are hard. Someone really doesn’t want to wake up for school, and often doesn’t until we are already there.


2014-06-03 02:44 (previously posted)- If June had a theme, it was probably home improvement. It started small, with me changing the battery in a smoke detector after it had been beeping for YEARS.


2014-06-06 02:22 – At the end of year ceremony at Alex’s school, Alex was not thrilled about standing up front to sing.


2014-06-06 02:28 – But he would pose for a picture with his teacher.


2014-06-06 02:28 – Picture taking patience was exhausted when it was time for the picture with the assistant teacher though, so time for a duck face!


2014-06-06 04:28 – This thing is a microphone, right? The school presentation is over, NOW I can sing!


2014-06-07 18:09 – A typical pose with Roscoe and Alex together while Alex builds worlds and trains on the iPad.


2014-06-07 19:15 – Joining the new fridge from January, the new oven/microwave combo is finally complete. Brandy has been very excited because it is an INDUCTION stovetop, and the Microwave also has a convection oven mode. And they are shiny.


2014-06-08 20:29 – Sometimes, when the weather is agreeable, Alex rides his wagon to and from school instead of taking the car.


2014-06-09 01:56 – Alex “reading” a Magic School Bus book in the car.


2014-06-10 00:41 – The weather has finally warmed up enough to play in the sprinkler! When properly bundled up of course.


2014-06-10 05:07 – Playing with Daddy’s glasses


2014-06-12 20:27 – I moved to a new desk at work. It has a view.


2014-06-13 02:54 – Next home improvement thing. Brandy put up a ceiling pot holder thingy. These were just the starter pots. It is much more heavily loaded now.


2014-06-14 01:18 – Alex and I sat outside and watched while my car windshield was replaced after a flying rock cracked it. (I’ve been meaning to post a timelapse of the repair, but haven’t gotten around to it.) The beginning was exciting, but toward the end Alex was getting bored and sleepy.


2014-06-16 05:48 – OK, you can’t tell from the picture, but this is me working on the next home improvement project. The projector we used as our primary TV died, and this is me up on a chair getting the new replacement projector all set up.


2014-06-19 21:50 – Amy and Alex hanging out on a sunny day


2014-06-19 21:5? (Photo by Amy) – Amy takes advantage of the moment to grab a quick Alex portrait.


2014-06-23 01:11 – How do we play with the dog Alex? Well, obviously, put a broom on him, then LIMBO!


2014-06-23 03:18 – Alex asked for a rainbow cake, so Brandy made one.


2014-06-23 05:17 (Photo by Alex) – Sometimes Alex takes my phone to take his own pictures. He took this portrait of Roscoe. I chose not to include the pictures he took of the floor, the ceiling, or his foot.


2014-06-25 22:38 – Another home improvement pic. No, not the coffeemakers. No, not the lazy susan under them, although that is new too. I neglected to get a really good picture of it, but the tiled backsplash on the wall is all new. Brandy put it in by hand over the course of a few days, replacing the plain wall that was there before.


2014-06-27 15:56 (Photo by Amy) – Selfie by Amy

Scan 11

2014-06-28 06:40 – Alex can draw people now!

Scan 14

2014-06-28 06:47 – And not just ANY people. Alex is very clear… this… is… BATMAN.

Scan 16

2014-06-28 06:51 – He is getting pretty darn good at writing his name too!


2014-06-29 02:49 – Making new train levels again, this time on my iMac. He starts from scratch and builds the track, adds trains, and then builds the landscape with mountains and lakes and buildings and all. His software of choice is all from the Trainz family.


2014-06-29 23:31 – For the first time in forever, Roscoe gets a BATH. (Alex insists it was a SHOWER though, since we used the hose and didn’t actually put him in the tub.)


2014-06-30 07:32 – Of course, at the end of each day, it is always nice to cuddle and fall asleep.

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  • 03:01:23 Reading – First Look Media revises its focus, wants to be more of a journalism lab (Mathew Ingram)
  • 03:57:35 Reading – App Rot (@marcoarment)
  • 14:12:49 Reading – Q/A: What the New York Times’ polling decision means (Drew DeSilver)
  • 14:27:28 Requires authentication with your cable provider. :-/ -> Apple TV Updated with CNBC and FOX NOW Channels (Silvka)
  • 14:29:05 I know why the channels are insisting on the cable req, but it is annoying. Who will be the 1st major channel to just let me buy separately?
  • 14:31:00 Time to break this stupid model. I want to be a cord cutter. But right now I would lose a bunch of AppleTV channels. Some we actually use!

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Hours of Doctor Who per Calendar Year (1963-2013)

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 17.05.30497

The first new Doctor Who of 2014 airs on August 23rd, less than a month away, with a new Doctor to boot.

So with that in mind, I present a chart I worked up showing just how much of the show there has been in the 50 year history of the show. As you can see, there has been a lot of variation over the years. To date, there were more hours in 1964 than in any other year, with 19 hours, 2 minutes and 12 seconds of Doctor Who. That record looks pretty secure.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: These Look Disgusting

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Obamacare Rulings / Mayflies / Smartwatches / Fitness Trackers / Sapphire Glass / Social Privacy / Secret / Kids in Parks / Gaza Analogy / Tech Support / Help for Billionaires
  • MH17 Shootdown
  • Israel / Gaza

Recorded on 24 Jul 2014

Length this week – 1:43:37

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