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June 2019

Curmudgeon’s Corner: That Torch

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan spend most of the show talking about the Democratic Debates, but they also spend some time on a movie Sam watched, Sam’s adventures with streaming live TV again, and the situation with border detention camps.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2019-06-29
Length this week – 2:19:04

  • (0:00:20-0:18:26) Ivan: Sam Movie – Apollo 11: First Steps (2019)
  • (0:19:10-1:31:14) Sam: Democratic Debates
  • (1:31:52-1:50:08) Ivan: Sam’s Streaming Failures
  • (1:52:09-2:18:43) Sam: Border Camps

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  • 01:40:02 Retweeted @MaxBoot 2019-06-20 17:09:13 Rubio has decided that Trump is the future of the Republican Party. He’s probably right. That’s why I’m not a Republican anymore—and why I couldn’t imagine supporting Rubio for any office ever again. I’m sorry I supported him in 2016. My column:
  • 02:56:42 Lovely.
  • 03:05:29 Good I guess. But…
  • 05:38:12 Retweeted @brhodes 03:25:15 The absence of any rational, coherent process for national security decision-making has always been a clear risk under Trump. Now we see what that looks like in a crisis
  • 13:54:27 Retweeted @gtconway3d 13:35:04 Resign. If you didn’t know this until it was almost too late, you’re even more of an idiot than people think you are. Do the country and the world a favor. Go back to real estate, where the worst you can do is kill banks.
  • 13:55:54 Retweeted @saletan 13:34:30 Possibilities:
    1. He didn’t ask for a casualty estimate until 10 minutes before the strike.
    2. He did, accepted it, later aborted the strike for other reasons, and is lying about his reasons.
    3. He never intended to go through with the strike.
    4. He never authorized a strike.
  • 14:58:41 Retweeted @ksadjadpour 11:32:19 It’s remarkable to what extent the decision of war and peace is being micro-managed by two cynical elderly men (73-year-old Trump and 80-year-old Khamenei) who’ve always put personal interests before national interests. The consequences of their decisions will long outlive them.
  • 15:06:19 Just to be clear, not going through with attacking Iran was the correct action. The aversion to this kind of thing is one of the few places where Trump’s instincts are good. But the process that led to that moment is still stunningly incompetent.
  • 15:14:37 Retweeted @nycsouthpaw 14:58:34 Probably uncouth to say this, but it’s been patently obvious for a couple months that Democrats aren’t going to get any meaningful factual testimony at all using these tactics and likely need to grab someone up and put him in a borrowed cell to change the prevailing winds.
  • 15:17:45 Retweeted @BFriedmanDC 2019-06-19 19:58:19 2016: You guys are overreacting. Trump will grow into the presidency.2019: Yes, I mean technically they’re concentration camps, but they’re not extermination camps.
  • 16:54:40 Retweeted @natsecHeather 16:41:48 Cc @nwadhams This is a deliberate pantomime of restraint.
  • 17:06:32 Retweeted @Elise_Jordan 16:48:07 Wow. E. Jean Carroll, an author I’ve long admired, writes of Donald Trump assaulting her in the mid-90s: “He lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly, and puts his mouth against my lips.” And it gets worse…
  • 19:07:42 Retweeted @OhNoSheTwitnt 19:02:23 If Liz Warren tweets a selfie in front of Air Force One with the caption “I Have A Plane For That” she should automatically become president.
  • 19:17:09 Retweeted @KristiCCoulter 19:00:46 We did. From fifteen different women. Would sixteen have been the tipping point where it added up to one actual human being?
  • 19:27:51 Retweeted @ProducerMcD 18:44:41 You know what would be really bad? If there was proof – like, maybe a taped recording – of Donald Trump gleefully admitting that he sexually assaults women just like this latest accusation says he does.
  • 20:59:22 Retweeted @natsecHeather 20:13:17 This + better infrastructure is the future liberals want.
  • 22:00:53 Retweeted @CIAspygirl 22:00:15 If it’s what you say, I love it
  • 23:08:44 This is a difficult case. Removing the child in the first place was a great injustice and should never have happened. But having lived 4 of 5 years of life with the adopted parents, removing the child from them at this point would almost certainly be harmful to the child too.
  • 23:30:11 @DaveMc99TA Yeah, taking the child away from the only home it has ever known is one thing, but there is no excuse whatsoever for no visitation. There should be some mechanism to at least allow regular contact. in reply to DaveMc99TA

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