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  • Reading – Is it really that 'tricky' to rig the electoral college in advance? (Josh Putnam) 00:22:13
  • Reading – Last Saturday, Over 2800 Spaceships Clashed in a Battle Costing Thousands of Dollars (Chris Lough) 06:03:45
  • Lunch break from an all day training session. With all kinds of feeling sharing exercises. Resulting feeling: Lots o' stress. #introvert 20:47:20

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Mission Accomplished


About an hour ago, my mom left for the airport after a short visit. It was an eventful visit though. After months of research, she made the final decision on where she will live when she moves out here, and put down all the necessary initial deposits and such. So it is all set!

Her new place is a 16 minute drive from our place. By comparison, it is a 37 hour drive to her current location… So this is MUCH closer!

The exact date she will be moving from Ohio to Washington State is not yet set, it is dependent on exactly when the sale of her house closes, moving company availability, etc. But the expectation is that it will be before the end of February. So very close now… Just a few weeks.

It will be good to have her here full time.

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Riding the Streetcar with Grandma Ruth


Curmudgeon’s Corner: Dude, I’m Going to Jail

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Update Cycles / Algeria & Mali
  • Debt Ceiling Cave
  • Obama’s 2nd Inauguration
  • Aaron Swartz

Recorded on 22 Jan 2013

Length this week – 1:05:53

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Story Time


Taken 2013 Jan 24