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September 2017
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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Shuck and Jive

On Curmudgeon’s Corner this week, Sam and Ivan review the impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and compare to what Katrina looked like 12 years ago. Then they dive into politics, looking at Trumps latests dalliances with the Democrats and what should or should not be read into that, followed by a discussion on the latest efforts on healthcare from both the Republican and Democratic side. Then at the end, a discussion of this week’s Apple announcements.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-09-16
Length this week – 2:15:01

  • (0:01:00-0:10:09) But First
    • Turning 46
    • Agenda
    • Concorde
  • (0:10:47-0:39:38) Hurricanes
    • Irma in Florida
    • Irma in the Islands
    • Harvey and Irma vs Katrina
    • Weathering the storm
    • Nursing Home deaths
  • (0:40:24-1:14:20) Independant Trump
    • Making Deals
    • Schadenfreude
    • Transactional Trump
    • Is Trump Republican?
    • Democrats too happy?
    • Will this turn the R’s?
    • He told you!
    • Equifax Tidbit
  • (1:15:00-1:34:35) Healthcare
    • Bernie Plan
    • Graham-Cassidy
    • Fixing ACA?
    • Give Trump a win?
  • (1:35:15-2:14:40) Apple Stuff
    • Apple Watch
    • AppleTV
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone X
    • Work Phone


The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

Our intro is “The Oh of Pleasure” (Amazon MP3 link)

Our outro is “Celestial Soda Pop” (Amazon MP3 link)

Both are from the album “Deep Breakfast” (iTunes link)

Please buy his music and support his GoFundMe.

@abulsme tweets from 2017-09-15 (UTC)

@abulsme tweets from 2017-09-14 (UTC)

16801.141 Days

As of the moment this is scheduled to post, at 0:21 UTC on the 16th (5:21 PM Pacific, 8:21 PM Eastern on the 15th) I was exactly 46 years old. This is of course properly taking into account leap years, the fact years are not even numbers of days, time zones, and the time and place I was born…  So I am now 46, although it will be a few hours until most others will admit it.

When I sat down to calculate this date and time, I was actually surprised, because I honestly had thought I was already 46 and was about to turn 47. It is easy to lose track of these things. So I got back an extra year! Yay!

@abulsme tweets from 2017-09-13 (UTC)

Sam rides Alex’s new scooter…

Alex got a scooter for his birthday. After the kids had a few rides, I rode the scooter too. I promptly fell. Alex edited together the video my mother took of the incident to add slow motion instant replay… a few times. My mother had started to record after Brandy said “We need to record this so we can show the hospital what happened.” Such confidence in me! No hospital visit needed. But the kids, Brandy, and my mom all had a good laugh at my expense, watching the video over and over and over… and laughing and laughing and laughing… now all of you can enjoy it too.

@abulsme tweets from 2017-09-12 (UTC)

Alex is EIGHT!!

Just a few minutes ago… at September 12th at 15:14 UTC (8:14 AM Pacific, 11:14 AM Eastern), Alex was exactly eight years old.


First of all, here is the traditional annual interview with Alex. As usual, he clams up and is not very talkative. But he goes along with the exercise anyway. Meaning he puts on a show of his non-answers to my questions. Or maybe he was answering in pantomime. In any case, here it is…

Now, a rundown of milestones from the last year. Each year of course the I provide less details, as it is more up to him to talk about himself. But I’ll allow myself a few highlights.

  • Alex’s YouTube channel is now up to 39 subscribers. Help him get to 50. Subscribe now!
  • Alex is now in second grade!
  • He got to see DanTDM live! Dan has dropped of his regular YouTuber watching rotation for the moment though. Every few months he seems to shift his favorite and spend lots of time watching as much of one YouTuber’s stuff as he can. His current one is Sqaishey Quack. There have been many others over the months though.
  • He loves his dog Miley. He is sometimes a bit rougher than he should be with her, but she loves him anyway, especially when they get to play in the surf at a local beach.
  • Alex is still a Minecraft wiz. He has some worlds that he has been working on for over two years. They are now very elaborate! He does both survival and creative mode depending what he feels like. The whole family plays together.
  • He has a best friend from 1st grade that we make sure to have playdates with at least once a month, more often when we can manage it. They run around the house chasing each other in between riding bikes and playing computer games. She hides a stuffed penguin to try to get him to do what she wants. But that doesn’t always work.
  • He goes on “adventures” with Grandma Ruth regularly and loves them. He usually prefers to just stay at home, but when she is coming for an adventure, he hurries to be ready and is super eager to go.
  • Alex and I went to a “family camp” together at Camp Seymour for a long weekend this summer. He fought and resisted and begged to go home almost the entire long weekend… in between the actual events. Whenever there was an activity… making home made stomp rockets, archery, swimming, nature walks, meals, camp fires, etc… he was fully engaged and having a great time. He said next year his sister Amy should go to Camp Seymour… instead of him. But he had a blast. So we shall see…
  • I’m pretty sure he is practically a grown up now given how big he is. But he is still reluctant to giving up occasionally being carried by Daddy. (And sometimes others in the family.) But I don’t know how much longer this will be possible. I can only do it for very short periods now.

As usual, there was certainly much more. But this is enough.

Happy birthday Alex!!!

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